LAN Emulation What is the Centillion 1200N Switch?
Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual
NTP 297-8103-903
LAN Emulation
LAN emulation refers to the technology of using the existing infrastructure of a
LAN and connecting the LAN to an ATM network on a br idge l e v e l to emul ate t he
connection. The specification of LAN emulation has been standardized by the ATM
Forum in its “LAN Emulation Over ATM Specification Version 1.0.”
LAN emulation allows existing LAN terminals to reciprocally communicate with
ATM terminals and make it possible to construct a virtual LAN that is free of
physical restraints.
Figure 2-6 and Figure 2-7 show the LAN emulation protocol stack between an A TM
terminal and an existing LAN terminal and its frame format when IP protocol is
used as the network layer.

Figure 2-6: LAN Emulation Protocol Stack

Figure 2-7: LAN Emulation Frame Format