What is the Centillion 1200N Switch? LAN Emulation
Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual 2-9
NTP 297-8103-903
The server card provides the three server functions below to realize LAN
LES (LAN Emulation Server)
LES provides the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) function for solving an
ATM address from a MAC address. There is one LES for each ELAN
(Emulated LAN).
LECS (LAN Emulation Configuration Server)
LECS manages LAN emulation configuration and provides LES addresses. It
assigns a LEC (LAN Emulation Client; client that is a member of LAN
emulation) to a certain ELAN. There is one LECS for each management
BUS (Broadcast and Unknown Server)
BUS provides broadcast and multicast functions and solves unknown
destination addresses. There is one BUS for each ELAN (Emulated LAN).
Figure 2-8 is a sample system configuration using the ATM Switch series switching
system and the server card (LAN Emulation Server).
Figure 2-8: Sample System Configuration
In the sample system configuration (Figure 2-8), such existing LANs as Ethernet,
and FDDI are connected to the ATM network by an ATM bridge. Here, the ATM
bridge and ATM terminal are equivalent to the LAN emulation client.
The server card is installed on one of the ATM switches in the illustration. A
number of server cards can be installed on a single ATM Switch.