Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual 3-1
NTP 297-8103-903
Nomenclature and Functions
This chapter describes the names and functions of each part of the ATM Switch.
Description and function of components
Slot number of each package
Line number

Nomenclature of the ATM Switch

Front View Power Unit
The power unit supplies power to the components of the ATM Switch. It draws DC
-40 to -58V as the power input. The power unit is installed on the top right-hand
side of the front of the ATM Switch. The power unit may be redundant.
Switch/CPU Card
This is the basic component of the ATM Switch. It is capable of switching ATM
cells at a maximum speed of 2.5 Gbps. It also controls the entire switch. The switch/
CPU card is installed on the bottom right-hand side of the front of the ATM Switch.
Front Plate
The Front Plate is installed in empty line ca rd slots.
Fan Unit
The fan units force internal heat outside. The air flows from the right to left.
RS-232C Port
This is a 9-pin D-SUB connector used by service personnel to connect a
Maintenance and Administration Terminal (MAT).