Precautions on Handling the Product Safety Measures
Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual 1-3
NTP 297-8103-903
Operating the
It is dangerous to use the equipment when it is malfunctioning. If you detect an
irregular condition (irregular noise, irregular od or, or smok e), immediately turn
off the main power, remove t he po wer plug fr om the outle t, and call for serv ice.
To prevent electric shock or a failure, do not pour liquid such as water inside
the equipment or touch the equipment with a wet hand. If liquid is accidentally
spilled inside the equipment, turn off the main power, remove the power plug
from the outlet, and call for service. Even if the equipment appears to be dry,
if there is liquid left inside the equipment, electric shock or a failure may r esult.
Do not touch any internal part of the equipment, or modify or disassemble the
equipment. Electric shock, fire, or a failure may result.
The ATM Switch is precision equipment. Keep it away from vibration.
Do not install the equipment where it is susceptible to vibration. Vibration may
cause the equipment to fail.
To prevent a failure, do not place any foreign objects inside the equipment.
Static electricity may cause the equipment to fail. T o prev ent damage from static
electricity, be sure the equipment is adequately grounded.
When touching a connector of the equipment, be careful of electrostatic
damage. Be sure to use an electrostatic prevention kit and wear gloves when
handling the equipment.
This equipment is normally used with its power on. No one other th an the person
in charge of the system should touch the power switch. When power is turned
off, communications will be severed. In addition, all un sav ed data setti ngs will
be lost.
Responsibilities Once operation begins, the user need not control the equipment. The user merely
needs to carefully read the handling precautions in this chapter and provide an
environment around the equipment so the switch can function properly.
When an error occurs to the equipment during operation, the ALARM LED on the
front of the equipment will light. In this case, promptly call the system manager.
Equipment Environment
Protect the equipment from excessive heat or cold. (Do not expose the
equipment to direct sunlight or place heat-radiating equipment near the switch.)
Ensure adequate ventilation.
Do not install the equipment where it is con stantly humid or it is dusty.
Do not place a radio, television, or any other equipment that produces strong
magnetism near the ATM Switch.