Glossary J,K
Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual B-37
NTP 297-8103-903
ITU Q.2931
The signaling standard for ATM to support Switched Virtual Connections. This is
based on the signaling standard for ISDN.
ITU Q.931
The signaling standard for ISDN to support SVCs. The basis for the signaling
standard developed for Frame Relay and ATM.
ITU Q.933
The signaling standard for Frame Relay to support SVCs. This is based on the
signaling standard for ISDN.
Implementation Under Test: The particular portion of equipment which is to be
studied for testing. The implementation may include one or more protocols.
Input eXpandable Buffer
The phase in which the LE Client establishes its control connections to the LE
Joint Photographic Experts Group: An ISO Standards group that defines how to
compress still pictures.
Local Area Network: A short distance data communications network (typically
within a building or campus) used to link together computers and periphera l devices
(such as printers) under some form of standard control.