B-62 Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual
NTP 297-8103-903
Regional Bell Operating Company: Seven companies formed to manage the local
exchanges originally owned by AT&T. These companies were created as a result
of an agreement between AT&T and the United States Departmen t of Justice.
Routing Domain: A group of topologically contiguous systems which are running
one instance of routing.
Rate Decrease Factor: An ABR service parameter, RDF controls the decrease in the
cell transmission rate. RDF is a power of 2 from 1/32,768 to 1.
The address registration function is the mechanism by which Clients provide
address information to the LAN Emulation S erver.
A function of a layer by means of which a layer entity receives data from a
corresponding entity and transmits it to another corresponding entity.
Request For Comment: The development of TCP/IP standards, procedures and
specifications is done via this mechanism. RFCs are documents that progress
through several development stages, under the control of IETF, until they are
finalized or discarded.
Definitions of Managed Objects for ATM Management or AToM MIB.
Radio Frequent Interface: All computer equipment generates radio frequency
signals. The FCC regulates the amount of RFI a computing device can leak past its
shielding. A Class A device is sufficient for office use . A Class B is a more string ent
classification for home equipment use.
RIsc Core Engine