Teletext is an information service transmitted by most TV stations. The index page of the teletext service (usually page 100) gives you information on how to use the service. To operate teletext, use the remote control buttons as indicated below.

Teletext errors may occur if you use a channel (TV Broadcast) with a weak signal.

To switch on Teletext :

After selecting the TV channel which carries the teletext service you wish to view, press .

To select a Teletext page:

Input 3 digits for the page number, using the numbered buttons.

If you make a mistake, retype the correct page number.







If the counter on the screen continues searching, it is because the page is not available. If this is the case, input another page number

To access the next or preceding page:

Press PROG + () or PROG - ().

To superimpose teletext on to the TV:

Whilst you are viewing teletext, press

. Press it again to cancel teletext mode.


To freeze a teletext page:

Press /. Press it again to cancel the freeze.

To reveal concealed information (e.g: answer to a quiz):

Press /. Press it again to conceal the information.

To select a sub page:

A teletext page may consist of several sub pages. In this case the page number that appears on the upper left corner will become from white to green and one or more arrows will appear next to the page number. Repeatedly press or buttons on the remote control to watch the desired sub page.

To Switch Off Teletext:

Press .


Fastext service lets you access Teletext pages with one button push.

When you are in Teletext mode and Fastext is broadcast, a colour coded menu appears at the bottom of the teletext page. Press the appropriate coloured button (red, green, yellow or blue) to access the page corresponding to your menu choice.

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