3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812 manual CLI Quick Setup Script, ADSL Router Installation Guide

Models: OfficeConnect Remote 812

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This chapter will describe in detail the operations of the Quick Setup program. It will identify the required information, steps involved, and sample output scripts from the execution of this program.

CLI Quick Setup


Introduction The CLI Quick Setup program allows you to quickly configure LAN-side, global and management settings for your OCR 812. Instead of using CLI commands, you will simply respond to a series of questions regarding different aspects of your configuration. The program will convert your responses into the appropriate CLI commands and execute them.

The CLI Quick Setup program automatically executes when the OCR 812 is powered on with no configuration and all DIP switches in the back of the unit are in the OFF position. This boot mode (the default) is called Unconfigured Mode.

Restoring the OfficeConnect Remote 812 to an Unconfigured State

An OCR 812 unit can be restored to an unconfigured state by ensuring all DIP switches are in the OFF position and then deleting the configuration using any of the following methods:

Press the Configuration reset button on the back of the unit while powering on.

Issue the delete configuration command from the CLI.

￿Use the browser-based OfficeConnect Remote 812 Manager to delete the configuration.

For more information on OCR 812 boot modes see the OfficeConnect Remote 812

ADSL Router Installation Guide.

Booting an OfficeConnect Remote 812 in the Unconfigured State

When booting an OCR 812 in the unconfigured state, the 812 link to the DSLAM will not come up until you do either of the following:

Abort Quick Setup.

￿Continue answering the Quick Setup prompts.

This applies to the first-ever boot, and when you reboot after deleting the existing configuration. If you wait for the DSLAM link to come up (without aborting or continuing to answer the prompts), the 812 will not initiate DSLAM negotiation.

Page 23
Image 23
3Com manual CLI Quick Setup Script, Restoring the OfficeConnect Remote 812 to an Unconfigured State