Connecting to a COMMON INTERFACE slot (Your TV viewing Card Slot)

To watch paid channels, the “CI or CI+ CARD” must be inserted.

• If you do not insert the “CI or CI+ CARD”, some channels will display the message “Scrambled Signal”.

• The pairing information containing a telephone number, the “CI or CI+ CARD” ID the Host ID and other information will be displayed in

about 2~3 minutes. If an error message is displayed, please contact your service provider.

• When the configuration of channel information has finished, the

message “Updating Completed” is displayed, indicating the channel • The image may differ depending on the model. list is updated.


You must obtain a “CI or CI+ CARD” from a local cable service provider.

When removing the “CI or CI+ CARD”, carefully pull it out with your hands since dropping the “CI or CI+ CARD” may cause damage to it.

Insert the “CI or CI+ CARD” in the direction marked on the card.

The location of the COMMON INTERFACE slot may be different depending on the model.

“CI or CI+ CARD” is not supported in some countries and regions; check with your authorized dealer.

If you have any problems, please contact a service provider.

Insert the “CI or CI+ CARD” that supports the current aerial settings. The screen will be distorted or will not be seen.

Initial Setup

When the TV is initially powered on, a sequence of on-screen prompts will assist in configuring basic settings. Press the POWERP button. Setup is available only when the source is set to TV.

If you connect any device to HDMI IN 1(STB) before starting the installation, Channel Source will be changed to Set-top box automatically. If you do not want to select Set-top box, please select Aerial.

If You Want to Reset This Feature...

Select System - Setup (Initial Setup). Enter your 4 digit PIN number. The default PIN number is “0-0-0-0”. If you want to change the PIN number, use the Change PIN function.

You should do Setup (MENU → System) again at home even though you did in shop already.

If you forget the PIN code, press the remote control buttons in the following sequence in Standby mode, which resets the PIN to “0-0-0-0”: MUTE → 8 → 2 → 4 → POWER (on)

Changing the Input Source


TV / Ext. / HDMI1 / HDMI2/DVI / AV / Component

Use to select TV or other external input sources such as DVD / Blu-ray players / cable box / STB satellite receiver connected to the TV. Press the SOURCE button. In the displayed Source list, connected inputs will be highlighted.

PC(D-Sub) input is not supported. If you want to connect PC to the TV, you can connect the HDMI to DVI cable with the HDMI IN 2(DVI) port on the TV.

Ext. always stays activated. Press the TOOLS button.

Edit Name

You can set an external input source name you want.

––When connecting a PC to the HDMI IN 2(DVI) port with HDMI cable, you should set the TV to PC mode under Edit Name.

––When connecting a PC to the HDMI IN 2(DVI) port with HDMI to DVI cable, you should set the TV to DVI PC mode under Edit Name.

––When connecting an AV devices to the HDMI IN 2(DVI) port with HDMI to DVI cable, you should set the TV to DVI Devices mode under Edit Name.


You can see detailed information about the connected external device.


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