operating the cleaner


Installation order

1.Turning the Power Switch on or offTo use the vacuum cleaning robot, you must turn on the Power Switchat the bottom of the main unit.2. Installing the Charger

To charge the vacuum cleaning robot, you must fi rst install the charger. Since the battery is discharged when the product is purchased, you must fully charge the battery before use.

3. Charging the Battery

You should charge the battery completely before using the vacuum cleaning robot.

4.Setting the TimeYou should set the time to use the scheduled and daily cleaning options.5.Installing the VIRTUAL GUARD

You can confi ne the vacuum cleaning robot to a particular section by using Fence (virtual wall) mode.

Turning the Power Switch on or off

To use the vacuum cleaning robot, you must turn the Power Switch on.

If you turn off the Power switch, all settings except for the current time and the Weekly reservations are reset.

1.Lift the body and turn on the power switch while making sure not to press any other button.

- If the icons are not turned on, it indicates that the battery charge is depleted. In this case, dock the vacuum cleaning robot to the charger station after turning the Power Switch on.

-The confi gured time may be different from the current time. If theconfi gure time is incorrect, set the time to the current time.

If the Power Switch is turned off, the vacuum cleaning robot will not be charged even if it is CAUTION docked with the charger station.

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