Cleaning the Dust Bin and the Filters

First, empty the dust bin before cleaning it.

When separating the dust bin, take care not to spill the dust out of the dust bin.

Empty the dust bin in the following cases.

1. When dust has accumulated inside the dust bin.

2.When the suction power suddenly becomes weak.

3.When the noise suddenly increases.

1. Press the Dust Bin Eject (PUSH) button and pull the dust bin to separate the dust bin.

2. Separate the dust bin cover by pulling it in the direction of the arrow in the fi gure.

3. Remove the fi lter and the mesh fi lter from the dustbin.



Mesh filter












4. Shake the dust from the fi lter, Mesh fi lter and dustbin. You can clean it with water.

After cleaning it with water :

NOTE 1. Dustbin : Wipe the water off completely.

2. Filter, Mesh fi lter : Dry them completely and then reassemble them.

5.Reassemble the fi lter and mesh fi lter onto the dustbin.

- Assemble the mesh fi lter while the grid side is facing downward. If the orientation is not correct, you will not be able to assemble it.

If the dustbin is assembled without the fi lter being mounted, the error code C08 occurs. CAUTION Make sure to mount the fi lter.

6. Close the dust bin cover and install it into the main unit.


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