Measure to Take





Vacuum cleaning

Check whether the power plug of


robot cannot find the


the charger is plugged correctly




into the outlet.







If there are any obstacles within a




range of about 1m in front of the




charger and about 0.5m range to




the left and right of the charger,




you should remove the obstacles.







If there are any foreign substances




on the change pin, wipe them off




with a dry towel.







Is the VIRTUAL GUARD installed

• Move the VIRTUAL GUARD to



near the charger?

another place so that the vacuum




cleaning robot can charge










Check whether the autoemptier is

• Turn on the power switch on the



turned on.

left side of the autoemptier.

Vacuum cleaning

Are the batteries of the VIRTUAL

• Replace the batteries.

robot passes through


GUARD worn out?

(2 type D (LR20) alkaline batteries)





Is the lamp turned off?

• Check if the VIRTUAL GUARD




is turned off and then turn the





The battery usage

Are you using manganese drycell

• Replace the batteries with new

time of the VIRTUAL



alkaline batteries.

GUARD is too short.



(2 type D (LR20) alkaline batteries)

The vacuum cleaning

The vacuum cleaning robot may

• The cleaning direction is

robot suddenly


clean in a diagonal direction in the

determined by the initial location.

performs its cleaning


following cases.

Since it cleans areas by drawing a

operation in the


After the vacuum cleaning robot

map, it eventually covers the entire

diagonal direction.


has been charged while placed at

area. (Normal operation)



an angle in the charger station.

Install the charging station in



When the vacuum cleaning robot

the direction of the grain of the


wood, and start cleaning while the



moves to another area by a



vacuum cleaning robot is docked



shortened route after cleaning an



with the charger station.









When the angle of making




contact with an obstacle is not




perpendicular (90˚).




When the fl oor is made of tiles or










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