Starting/Stopping Cleaning

You can run or stop all vacuum cleaning robot functions.

Each vacuum cleaning robot function only runs when the Power Switch is turned on.

When the vacuum cleaning robot is operating, press the () button to cancel the operation and select a function.

Turning the power on or offTurning the power on- Main unit: Press the () button.Turning the power off-Remote control: Press the [Power] button.- Main unit: Press and hold the () button down for 3 seconds.

If no key is pressed for approximately 1 minute after turning the power on, the power is automatically cut to prevent the battery discharging.

To turn the power on again, press and hold the power (Run/Stop) button on the main body.

Using the remotecontrol
Starting or stopping cleaningStarting-Remote control : Press the Auto, Spot, Max, Manual button.

-Main unit : Select Auto, Spot, Max mode by using the () button and then pressing the () button.

-When cleaning begins, the vacuum cleaning robot starts to move.Pressing the () button without selecting cleaning mode startsto perform the Auto mode cleaning.Stopping-To stop, press the () remote control or main unit button.-When cleaning is stopped, the vacuum cleaning robot stops.
Using the main unitbuttons
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