Samsung recommends a standpipe height of 65 cm. The drain hose must be routed through the drain hose clip to the standpipe. The standpipe must be large enough to accept the outside diameter of the drain hose. The drain hose is attached at the factory.


For best performance, your washing machine must be installed on a solid floor. Wooden floors may need to be reinforced to minimize vibrations and/or unbalanced loads. Carpeting and soft tile surfaces are contributing factors to vibrations and the tendency for your washing machine to move slightly during the spin cycle.

WARNING: Never install your washing machine on a platform or poorly supported structure.

Surrounding temperature

Do not install your washing machine in areas where the ambient temperature may drop below water’s freezing point, since your washing machine always retains some water in the water valve, pump, and hose areas. Frozen water in the lines can cause damage to the belts, the pump, and other components.

Alcove or closet installation

To operate safely and properly, your new washing machine requires the following minimum clearances:


25 mm


25 mm

Rear *

50 mm


500 mm



If both the washing machine and a dryer are installed together, the front of the alcove or closet must have an unobstructed air opening of at least 500 mm. Your washing machine by itself does not require a specific air opening.


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