Doing laundry for the first time

Before doing laundry for the first time, you must run a complete empty cycle (i.e. without laundry).

1.Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.

2.Add a little detergent to the main wash compartment in the detergent drawer.

3.Press the Power button to turn the power on.

4.Turn the Cycle Selector to select Rinse+Spin cycle.

5.Press the Start/Pause button.

This will remove any water that might be left over in the drum from the manufacturer’s test run.

Basic instructions

1.Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.

2.Add your laundry loosely into the drum without overfilling it.

CAUTION: Do not overload the washing machine. To determine the load capacity for each type of laundry, refer to the “Determining the load capacity“ section on page 29.

Do not wash water-proof items in a normal cycle except with the Outdoor Care cycle.

3.Close the door until it latches.

CAUTION: Detergent may remain in the front rubber seal of the washing machine or the door seal after a wash cycle. Remove any remaining detergent before you close the door, as it may cause a water leak.

CAUTION: Make sure that laundry is not caught in the door, as this may cause a water leak.

4.Press the Power button to turn the power on.

Last Memory function

When you turn your washing machine on, the last used setting is reflected on the control panel. However, if the last used setting was Rinse+Spin or the Spin cycle, this function is not applied.

If you turn the Cycle Selector even slightly after turning the washing machine on, this function does not applied and the control panel is reset.

5.Add detergent, and if necessary, softener or prewash detergent into the appropriate compartments in the detergent drawer.

6.Select the appropriate cycle and options for the load. The relevant indicators will light up and the estimated cycle time will appear on the display.

7.Press the Start/Pause button.

CAUTION: Do not touch the door glass while your washing machine is running as it may be hot.

CAUTION: Do not open the detergent drawer or the debris filter while your washing machine is operating as you might be exposed to hot water or steam.

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