3.First, loosen the four screws on the adaptor using a ‘+’ type screwdriver. Next, hold part (D) and turn part (E) following the arrow until there is a 5 mm gap.

(*): 5 mm

4.Connect the adaptor to the water tap by tightening all the screws firmly while lifting the adaptor upwards.

Then tighten the adaptor by turning part (E) following the arrow.

5.Connect the water supply hose to the adaptor. If you push part (F) into the adaptor, the hose automatically connects to the adaptor with a ‘clicking’ sound.

After you have connected the water supply hose to the adaptor, ensure that it is connected correctly by pulling the water supply hose downwards.

WARNING: Check if the water supply hose is not twisted or bent. If the hose is twisted or bent, there is a danger of a water leak and electric shock due to the water leak. If necessary, you can reposition the water supply hose at the washing machine end by loosening the L-shaped arm fitting, rotating the hose, and retightening the L-shaped arm fitting.

6.Turn on the water supply and ensure that no water leaks from the water supply intake, water tap or adaptor. If there is a water leak, repeat the previous steps.

WARNING: Do not use your washing machine if there is a water leak. This may result in electric shock or injury.

If the water tap has a screw type tap, connect the water supply hose to the tap as shown.





Use the most conventional type of tap for the water supply. If the tap is square or too big, remove the space ring before inserting the tap into the adaptor.

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