3.Add the recommended amount of fabric softener into the softener

compartment if required. Do not exceed the MAX line.

Concentrated or thick fabric softener and conditioner must be diluted with a little water before adding it to the compartment (prevents the overflow from becoming blocked).

CAUTION: Do not add powder or liquid detergent to the softener compartment .

4.When using the Prewash function, add the recommended amount of

laundry detergent into the prewash detergent compartment .

5.Push the detergent drawer in to close it.

Be careful that the fabric softener does not overflow when you close the detergent drawer after adding fabric softener into the softener compartment.

Using liquid detergent (selected models)

To use liquid detergent, place the liquid detergent guide into the main wash detergent compartment of the detergent drawer and pour liquid detergent into the main wash compartment. Do not exceed the MAX line on the liquid detergent guide.

• Place the liquid detergent guide only after you remove the detergent drawer from the washing machine by pressing release lever (A).

After a wash, some liquid detergent may remain in the detergent drawer.



Do not use the Prewash function when you use liquid detergent.

Remove the liquid detergent guide when you use powder detergent.

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