Using the Cycle Selector






For averagely or lightly soiled cottons, bed linen, table linen, underwear, towels,

shirts, etc.



For averagely or lightly soiled blouses, shirts, etc., made of polyester (diolen, trevira),

polyamide (perlon, nylon) or other similar blends.



For lightly soiled garments and less than 2.0 kg laundry that you require quickly.


It takes a minimum of about 15 minutes, but can vary from the indicated values


depending on the water pressure, water hardness, water inlet temperature, room

15’ Quick Wash

temperature, type and amount of washing and degree of soiling, utilized detergent

unbalanced load, fluctuation in the electricity supply and any extra options




CAUTION: There should be less than 20 g of detergent (for 2.0 kg load) or


detergent may remain on the clothes.



Daily Wash

For everyday items such as underwear and shirts.


A wash cycle with a higher water level and an extra rinse cycle that ensures that no

powder detergent remains to mark your clothing.


Dark Garment

Additional rinse cycles and a reduced spin cycle speed ensure that your favourite

dark clothing is washed gently and rinsed thoroughly.


Baby Care

A high temperature wash and extra rinse cycles ensure that no detergent remains

to harm your baby’s skin.



For water-proof items such as mountain clothing, skiwear, and sportswear.

Sports Wear

Fabrics include functional technology finishes and fibres such as spandex, stretch,


and micro-fibre.


Only for machine-washable wool. A load should be less than 2.0 kg. (6 kg-class


model:1.5 kg)


The Wool cycle washes the laundry using a gentle cradling action. During the


wash cycle, the gentle cradling and soaking actions are continued to protect the

wool fibres from shrinkage/distortion and for a super gentle clean. This stop/start



operation by the washing machine during the soaking action is not a malfunction.


A neutral detergent is recommended for the Wool cycle, for improved washing


results and for improved care of the wool fibres.

Hand Wash

A very light wash cycle as gentle as a hand wash.


Performs an additional spin cycle to remove more water.


For a load that only needs rinsing or to add a rinse-added fabric softener to a load.



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