Using the control panel









1.Cycle Selector

Select the tumble pattern and spin speed for the cycle.

For more information on each cycle, refer to the “Using the Cycle Selector“ section on page 24.

2.Digital graphic display

Displays the remaining wash cycle time, all cycle information, and error codes.

3.Temp. button

Press this button repeatedly to cycle through the available water temperature options: Cold water , 20 ˚C, 30 ˚C, 40 ˚C , 60 ˚C and 95 ˚C

4.Spin button

Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the available speeds for the spin cycle.

WF70F5E**4*, WF70F5E**H*

Rinse Hold,

, 400, 800, 1200, 1400 rpm

WF70F5E**2*, WF70F5E**M*

Rinse Hold,

, 400, 800, 1000, 1200 rpm

WF60F4E**2*, WF60F4W**M*



WF60F4E**0*, WF60F4W**L*

Rinse Hold,

, 400, 600, 800, 1000 rpm




Rinse Hold: The laundry remains soaking in the final rinse water. Either a drain or spin No indicator cycle must be performed to unload the laundry.

(When all indicators are turned off, it means Rinse Hold.)

No spin: The laundry remains in the drum and no spin cycle is performed after the final drain.

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