STEP 3 - Adjusting the levelling feet

When installing your washing machine, ensure that the power plug, the water supply, and the drain are easily accessible.

1.Slide the washing machine into position.

2.Loosen all the lock nuts with the wrench.

3.Level your washing machine by turning the levelling feet as necessary by hand.

4.When your washing machine is level, tighten the lock nuts using the wrench.

CAUTION: Do not move your washing machine unless you tighten the lock nuts. This may result in damage to the leveling feet.

STEP 4 - Connecting the water and the drain

Connecting the water supply hose

WARNING: Do not connect multiple water supply hoses together. This may result in a water leak and electric shock due to the water leak. If the hose is too short, replace the hose with a longer, high pressure hose.


1.Connect the L-shaped arm fitting for the cold water supply hose to the cold water supply intake at the back of the washing machine. Then tighten it by turning part (A) clockwise by hand.

(*): Optional

2.Remove the adaptor (B) from the other end of the water supply hose





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