Doing laundry

Doing laundry using the Cycle Selector

Your new washing machine makes washing laundry easy, using Samsung’s automatic control system “Fuzzy Control”. When you select a wash cycle, the machine will set the correct temperature, washing time, and washing speed.

1.Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.

2.Open the door.

3.Add your laundry loosely into the drum without overfilling it.

4.Close the door.

5.Press the Power button to turn the power on.

6.Add detergent, and if necessary, softener or prewash detergent into the appropriate compartments in the detergent drawer.

The Prewash function is only available when selecting the Cotton, Synthetics, Daily Wash, Denim, Dark Garment, Baby Care and Sports Wear cycles. It is only necessary if your clothing is heavily soiled.

7.Use the Cycle Selector to select the appropriate cycle according to the type of material: Cotton, Synthetics, 15’ Quick Wash, Daily Wash, Denim, Dark Garment, Baby Care, Sports Wear, Wool and Hand Wash. The relevant indicators will light up on the control panel.

8.At this time, you can control the wash temperature, the number of rinse cycles, the spin speed, and the delay time by pressing the appropriate buttons.

9.Press the Start/Pause button to start the wash. The progress indicator will light up and the remaining time for the cycle will appear on the display.

Both the total cycle time and the number of rinse cycles in the Cotton cycle may vary depending on the amount of laundry.

10.After the total cycle has finished, the power will turn off automatically. Open the door and remove the laundry.

Pausing the wash

Within 5 minutes of starting a wash, it is possible to add/remove laundry items.

1.Press the Start/Pause button to unlock the door.

If the water level or the water temperature inside the drum is too high the door is not opened with the blinking “Door Lock “ indicator. In this case, wait until the indicator stops blinking. (It will take approximately 1 or 2 minutes until the indicator stops blinking.)

2.Open the door and add/remove the laundry.

3.After closing the door, press the Start/Pause button to restart the wash.

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