Cleaning the detergent drawer and drawer recess

1.Press the release lever (A) on the inside of the detergent drawer and

pull the detergent drawer out.


2. Remove the release lever (A) and the liquid detergent guide from the detergent drawer.

3.Wash all parts under running water.

4.Clean the detergent drawer recess with an old toothbrush.

5.Replace the release lever (A) and the liquid detergent guide by pushing them firmly into the detergent drawer.

6. Push the detergent drawer back into place.

7.To remove any remaining detergent, run the Rinse+Spin cycle without any laundry in the drum.

Cleaning the mesh filter

You should clean the mesh filter at least once a year, or when the “4E” error code is displayed.

1.Unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet.

2.Turn off the water supply to the washing machine.


Disconnect the L-shaped arm fitting for the water supply hose from



the water supply intake at the back of the machine by turning part (A).


To prevent water from running out due to the air pressure in the water



supply hose, cover the hose connection with a cloth.



Gently pull out the mesh filters from the water supply intakes using a



pair of pliers and rinse them under running water until they are clean.



Reinsert the mesh filters.



Reconnect the L-shaped arm fitting to the water supply intake.



Make sure the connections are watertight and turn on the water tap.


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