Installing your washing machine

CAUTION: Do not plug the power cord into a wall socket before the installation is complete.

WARNING: Packaging materials can be dangerous to children; keep all packaging material (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) well out of the reach of children.

STEP 1 - Selecting a location

Before you install the washing machine, make sure the location:

Has a hard, level surface without carpeting or flooring that may obstruct ventilation

Is away from direct sunlight

Has adequate ventilation

Is not exposed to freezing temperatures (below 0 ˚C)

Is away from heat sources such as oil or gas

Has enough space so that the washing machine doesn’t stand on its power cord

STEP 2 - Removing the shipping bolts

Before installing the washing machine, you must remove all shipping bolts from the back of the unit.

1.Loosen all the bolts with the wrench.

(*): Optional

2. Hold the shipping bolt with your hand and pull it through the wide section of the hole. Repeat for each shipping bolt.

3. Fill the holes with the supplied bolt hole covers.

4.Store all shipping bolts in a safe location where they can be easily

retrieved in the event that you have to move the washing machine.

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